Graphic Design

Print ready, social media friendly.

In order to run a successful business or campaign, you need to catch peoples’ eye. Your visual brand can either succeed or fail to do that.

Identity and Branding

I will work with you to design a custom logo and graphic look for your brand. A good logo can go a long way, because people notice good design, and never remember a bad one – whether they know it or not. From simple logo updates, to building a brand from scratch, I know how to design a brand that give your target audience the right impression.

Included in a political design package is…

  • Custom logo
  • A package of fonts for in-house emails, graphics, and literature
  • Ready-for-print lawn sign design
  • Social media kit

Mailers and Literature

As an organizer who has run for political office myself, I know how important direct mailers and campaign literature are. When I design mailers and literature, attention to detail is my number one priority. Good photography, typography, and design can mean the difference between your message being absorbed, or landing right in the trash can.


Spencer Brandt
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